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Tax Department – Shapiro Law Group, PC

Shapiro Law Group, PC’s tax department resolves individual and corporate tax issues and problems for state and federal matters. Our services cover a diverse range of Taxation, including, but not limited to:Personal and Business IRS debt issuesRepresentation before the IRSRepresentation before State Taxing Authorities and the CourtsTax LitigationCorporate and Business TaxTax Implications during Domestic Relations/Family Law MattersWe fully cooperate with existing CPA’s and attorneys, and work with them in a team fashion. We understand that our Clients’ reputation is of the upmost importance. Often times our Clients’ professional licenses, business efficiency and personal piece of mind depend upon fast, accurately documented and professional work. As… Read More

Alimony Laws in Massachusetts

Anna Shapiro, Esq., LLM, CEOThe awarding of alimony can be a complicated endeavor and depends on a number of circumstances, including a need and an ability to pay. Alimony is not automatically granted to a spouse who earns less and it is not gender specific. There are also several types of alimony in Massachusetts. During any divorce, the process can be complex and the decision to seek alimony or order to pay it can come at a very difficult time. Having legal counsel with experience in alimony issues and knowledge of the latest alimony laws is a must. Shapiro Law… Read More

209A Restraining Order Laws in Massachusetts

A 209A Restraining Order can be sought against a spouse, household member, blood relative, a co-parent, or someone else you have been in a substantial relationship with. Having to seek one or being on the receiving end of a 209A restraining order can be a difficult and emotional time. The family lawyers at Shapiro Law Group, PC approaches 209A Restraining Order cases with sensitivity, compassion and understanding. We also focus on the seriousness of the situation and can help victims find the safety and security they need to move forward. We will also help protect the rights of everyone involved…. Read More

258E Non-Harassment Order Laws in Massachusetts

Harassment is taken very seriously in Massachusetts. Whether you have been the victim of harassment and need protection, or you have been accused of being a harasser, you need legal help in your corner to navigate the situation. Shapiro Law Group, PC, can help you pursue or defend against a 258e non-harassment order. A protection from abuse order, or a 209A order, entails protection from a family member or from someone with which there is a significant relationship. However, harassment can come from a co-worker, neighbor, acquaintances, or even a complete stranger. This kind of harassment can be in the… Read More

Child Custody Lawyers – Massachusetts

There may be no other area of family law that is more important or may be more emotionally charged than cases involving Child Custody. Family law courts in Massachusetts work diligently to act in the best interests of children who are at the heart of Child Custody cases. The best way you can help ensure your rights as a parent are upheld, and the best interest of the children is determined, is to rely on an experienced legal advocate to represent you and guide the process along. The Child Custody Attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC have the compassion needed… Read More

Child Support Lawyers In Massachusetts

There are set guidelines and state formulas for child support in Massachusetts. A judge can deviate from the formula if individual circumstances warrant a change. Modifications and difficulty in paying or receiving payments can make navigating Child Support issues more complex than sticking to a formula. Having an experienced family law attorney who will guide you through the process is a necessity as modifications or difficulties may arise at any time. It is never advisable to handle child support issues on your own. With the family lawyers at Shapiro Law Group, PC in your corner, you can feel confident that… Read More

Conservatorship of a Minor – Laws in Massachusetts

Some minors may find themselves the recipients of large amount of funds and property before they are legally able to control or manage the responsibilities that come with those assets or funds. This can occur if a minor’s parents are deceased and leave him or her the estate or under similar circumstances. Because a minor can’t legally manage a large estate or be left to make important financial decisions on his or her own, a conservator is appointed to handle financial matters for that minor. The process of filing for and acting as a conservator of a minor can be… Read More

Conservatorship of an Incapacitated Adult – Laws in MA

Whenever an adult becomes legally and medically incapacitated, there is the need for a responsible and trusted adult to handle that person’s finances and financial decisions. This protects the assets and funds of the adult and also helps families protect inheritances and the legacy of a loved one. Shapiro Law Group, PC, can help you navigate any situation regarding the filing for conservatorship of an incapacitated adult and help with the challenges that may arise. There are many scenarios where a Massachusetts court may declare a person incapable of handling their own financial matters. That person may be unable to… Read More

Contempt Laws – Massachusetts

A Contempt case in Massachusetts can be complicated for all parties involved. A contempt filing comes about if one party does not comply with a Court Order. A motion of contempt can be filed if someone does not pay child support as ordered, fails to pay Alimony as ordered, or violates a visitation or custody Order. When an Order has been handed down by a judge and someone willfully disobeys that Order, having a dedicated attorney who can help to set things right is necessary. Without a skilled legal professional in your corner, a Contempt Order may make your situation… Read More

Divorce Lawyers in Massachusetts

Anna Shapiro, Esq., LLM, CEODivorce can be an extremely difficult time for individuals and families. Regardless of whether or not it is a contested or uncontested Divorce, the dissolution of a marriage affects all aspects of the couple’s life. It can also be a very emotional time, meaning the ability to act in your own best interests or protect your own rights can be compromised. Because of all of the potential complications, both unforeseen and expected, anyone going through a Divorce needs a skilled, experienced, and compassionate advocate in their corner. The Divorce Attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC in… Read More

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