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258E Non-Harassment Order
Laws in Massachusetts

Harassment is taken very seriously in Massachusetts. Whether you have been the victim of harassment and need protection, or you have been accused of being a harasser, you need legal help in your corner to navigate the situation. Shapiro Law Group, PC, can help you pursue or defend against a 258e non-harassment order.

A protection from abuse order, or a 209A order, entails protection from a family member or from someone with which there is a significant relationship. However, harassment can come from a co-worker, neighbor, acquaintances, or even a complete stranger. This kind of harassment can be in the form of threats of violence and abuse, stalking, or other behaviors that cause fear or intimidation. If you have been the victim of harassment that doesn’t fall under the guidelines for a 209A protection from abuse order, then pursuing a 258e non-harassment order may be the best course of action.

Issuing a 258 E Non-Harassment Order

Shapiro Law Group, PC, can explain the legal criteria for filing a 258e non-harassment order. According to the legal definition of what is needed to file, there must be three or more proven willful and malicious acts that cause fear, damage, abuse, or that are intimidating and aimed at a specific person. While this may seem difficult to prove, our attorneys can help you document these incidents and further define them. The courts weigh a number of factors when issuing an order and there can be a great deal of discretion by a judge. The court may weigh the relationship between the harasser and victim, any prior record, and witness testimony. It is important to have proof or evidence of each incident of harassment to further ensure protection. If a 258e non-harassment order is issued, the person it is against must not contact the person who filed. This means he or she needs to stay away from the victim’s work, school, and home. That person also must refrain for further harassment and make restitution if there was any damage committed during an incident.

Protecting Your Reputation

If accused of harassment and presented with a 258e non-harassment order, you may see your reputation or even your job negatively impacted. It is important to know your rights and to also be prepared to refute any claims and evidence. No one accused of harassment should try to handle the matter on his or her own. Shapiro Law Group, PC, knows any kind of harassment situation may be stressful, emotionally charged, and frightening to deal with. Dealing with the situation requires a clear-head and experienced legal counsel who has the compassion needed to investigate and pursue the truth of your situation. When you need protection and when you need justice, the trusted and knowledgeable legal team at Shapiro Law Group, PC, will be there. Let us hear the details and get started on ensuring your rights and safety are protected. The attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, are ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. (339) 200-9933.

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