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Conservatorship of an
Incapacitated Adult –
Laws in MA

Whenever an adult becomes legally and medically incapacitated, there is the need for a responsible and trusted adult to handle that person’s finances and financial decisions. This protects the assets and funds of the adult and also helps families protect inheritances and the legacy of a loved one. Shapiro Law Group, PC, can help you navigate any situation regarding the filing for conservatorship of an incapacitated adult and help with the challenges that may arise.

There are many scenarios where a Massachusetts court may declare a person incapable of handling their own financial matters. That person may be unable to communicate at all or there may be genuine concern from family or friends that the person is wasting assets or acting against his or her own best interests.

Filing for Conservatorship

When someone files for conservatorship of an incapacitated adult, he or she will be allocated funds to pay debts and handle ongoing bills and obligations. The conservator can also delegate responsibility to financial planners, however it is the conservator who is legally responsible for what happens with those funds. The conservator will also be expected to organize assets and have property appraised. That person will also manage any income and get court approval before selling any assets they are responsible for safeguarding. The conservator also has to provide a status report to the courts on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of that conservator to maintain accurate bookkeeping and protect what he or she is in charge of handling for the incapacitated adult.

Conservatorship Law Attorneys

The courts can appoint a temporary conservator under certain circumstances. Temporary or permanent, the job of conservator is taken seriously by Massachusetts courts. The complications and ongoing challenges make it necessary to rely on legal guidance and advice. At Shapiro Law Group, PC, we will take the time to explain the responsibilities of being appointed conservatorship of an incapacitated person. We will help all parties pursue the best options when acting to protect and attend to the finances of an adult who has been declared incapacitated. Let us help you through what may be a difficult time and be there for the long haul as you act to protect and safeguard everything a loved one or friend has worked so hard to obtain and build.

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