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Guardianship of a Minor
Laws in Massachusetts

There are a wide variety of situations when a minor may find themselves in need of a legal guardian. Whenever a parent can’t care for them, are unable to care for them, or deemed unfit by the courts, minors need guardians to essentially take over the roles and responsibilities that parents legally provide. The family lawyers at Shapiro Law Group, PC approach cases pertaining to guardianship of a minor with compassion and the sensitivity necessary to help all parties act in the best interest of that minor.

The essential legal responsibilities given to a guardian of a minor include:

  • Providing a safe and stable home
  • Overseeing the education of a minor
  • Overseeing the safety and health of a minor
  • Daily care involved with a minor

A potential guardian must be 18 years old and satisfy the court’s expectations of what is deemed a fit guardian for the minor. The guardian does not need to be a blood relative of the child. Before a person is appointed guardian, the court will notify the parents or nearest living relative of the filing for guardianship. The Veteran’s Administration also needs to be notified if that minor receives any kind of VA benefits. Once appointed, the guardianship continues until the minor turns 18 or a judge dismisses the guardian from the role. The Massachusetts court will also oversee the guardianship and request an annual report about the welfare of the minor.

A guardian can access and use money allotted for the minor for approved uses, such as education, healthcare, and general welfare. This amount is not to exceed $5,000 per year.

We Fight For the Rights & Welfare of the Child

Being appointed as guardian or seeking guardianship of a minor can be complex, emotional, and difficult to navigate legally. You need an advocate in your corner who understands your needs, the needs of the minor, and what all is at stake for all parties. Shapiro Law Group, PC, will take the time to get to know your situation and will help you every step of the way. The fate and welfare of a child is not to be handled lightly or without the legal advice and guidance of a compassionate and experienced attorney by your side. Let us help you through what may be a difficult or challenging time and work with you towards the most favorable outcome for your guardianship case.

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