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Establishing paternity is important for all parties involved. It can also be a sensitive issue and an emotional time for families or individuals. When you have a Paternity issue that needs resolved or want to know the details about how Paternity is important for a child and parents, our firm can help. The Family Lawyers at Shapiro Law Group, PC will take the time to understand the circumstances and help you get the resolution you need for your Paternity case. We will be the advocate in your corner who you can trust for ongoing support and guidance.

Why Does Establishing Paternity Matter?

It is important for Paternity to be legally established in Massachusetts for a number of reasons. One vital reason pertains to child support. A father can voluntarily sign and notarize an acknowledgment of Paternity, or a Court Order can require DNA testing. This is done by a cheek swab sample or blood test. Once Paternity is proven, a Judge can set an amount for Child Support.

Paternity is also important for insurance and benefits reasons. This includes rights to any inheritance from a father. Without Paternity proven, a child can’t access health care, veterans’ benefits, or social security benefits from a father who is not on the birth certificate. Also, having Paternity legally established helps a child develop a sense of identity.

Paternity Complications

There may be complications concerning Paternity if the mother is married and gives birth, but acknowledges that her legal husband is not the father. The husband’s name will be automatically put on the birth certificate, unless the husband signs a denial of Paternity. Then, the biological father can sign a form acknowledging Paternity. Other individuals besides the potential biological father can pursue a petition for Paternity. The mother, the child, and parties who represent either parent (such as the biological grandparents) can seek a Paternity ruling also.

There may be a lot at stake and riding on a Paternity ruling. The emotions involved and the implications for a family can be immeasurable. Our Firm understands the paternity laws in Massachusetts and will work discretely and with respect for the sensitivity of the situation and its effect on your family. We give Paternity cases the individual attention needed and provide honest advice for our clients. Understanding the process and the consequences of a Paternity ruling is vital. With our knowledge of the law and experience helping families deal with Paternity issues, you will be prepared and ready to act when a ruling is made.

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