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Prenuptial Agreements
Laws – Massachusetts

Prenuptial Agreements can be a sensitive topic for couples as they get ready to start a life together. However, everyone has the right to feel confident that their finances, property, and rights are protected before they begin the next chapter of their lives. Having safeguards in place to protect both parties is simply a proactive way of avoiding complications or disputes if there is a divorce. Shapiro Law Group, PC understands prenuptial agreement laws in Massachusetts and the sensitive nature it presents. When you are ready to explore your options or review an Agreement already presented to you, let us give you honest and clear guidance.

A prenuptial agreement is not just for the wealthy. There are many reasons for seeking one aside from having a great deal of financial wealth you want to protect. If you have a family business or property that has been in the family for generations, a Prenuptial Agreement can protect it for future generations. Expectations of an inheritance or the potential to earn a great deal than you are worth at the beginning of a marriage are also reasons a Prenuptial Agreement may be needed.

Customized Protection

A Prenuptial Agreement can include or address any number or situations and results. Each Agreement is customized according to the needs and wishes of the individuals. It can outline a cut and dry and financial settlement. It can outline amounts to be given to the other party based on number of years married. Some also include detailed compensation plans if one spouse decides to give up his or her career to care for a family. Specific assets can be addressed also. Parties may choose to outline the fate of heirlooms or property before they unite in marriage.

If you have already signed a Prenuptial Agreement and a divorce is in the works, you may need legal assistance. We can determine if there are grounds to fight a previous Agreement and help if you believe that Agreement has been breached.

Benefits to Hiring Legal Representation

Our Firm will sit down and examine all of the variables and learn what matters most to you. Your feelings and expectations deserve and need to be heard and clearly communicated before you sign anything. It is essential that you have your own legal representative to ensure full protection under the Law. With the emotional connection and conflicting feelings that can arise, having an experienced Attorney act on your behalf and keep you focused is imperative.

Having a Prenuptial Agreement drafted and agreed to does not mean lack of trust or faith in the upcoming union. It means you take the union and commitment seriously enough to start out with full disclosure and an understanding of each other’s needs. As you venture into this new chapter, let Shapiro Law Group, PC ensure your questions are answered and there is no confusion or miscommunication about what could happen in the future. We will take the time to listen to your unique needs and help draft an approach or Agreement that you both can feel comfortable and confident in as you move forward with your life together.

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