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This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. In fact, it is nearly impossible to divide marital property perfectly down the middle. There may also be disputes as to what counts as marital property. Because everything acquired during a marriage can’t easily be split 50/50, legal representation is necessary. At Shapiro Law Group, PC we will ensure your assets and property are protected. While Judges may work hard to deliver a Decision or Judgment that is fair, we will fight to make sure it is the most favorable decision for your unique situation.

Division Can Be Complex

Determining what is marital property opposed to separate property can be a challenge. If you had a savings account before the marriage, but your spouse made one contribution to it, it may arguably be considered marital property. It can also be a challenge to assign a value to everything you owned together. Property and assets may need to be appraised. Some assets or property may not be disclosed either. It may be necessary to find and account for property or assets that have been intentionally hidden. Another challenge may be if one spouse contributed significantly more than the other. This can make it hard to determine what is considered a “fair” split. All of these factors can make property and asset division difficult for all parties.

What Factors a Judge Will Take Into Consideration

A Judge has a certain amount of discretion. There are certain factors he or she will take into consideration after the property and assets have been determined to be marital property. The Judge will take the economic circumstances of each party into account. A Judge will also weigh the contributions each made while married. The child custody situation may also be considered, especially when it comes to the fate of the house.

Each family or couple is unique, meaning the process of property and asset division has to be uniquely addressed in each case. Our Firm will take the time necessary to understand your situation and needs. We will investigate the monetary value assigned to assets and what property is reported, so we can protect your interests. Our Firm will aggressively pursue the resolution you want and also treat your case with the compassion and sensitivity you need during what can be a difficult time. Let Shapiro Law Group, PC hear the details of your case and help you navigate the process of property and asset division as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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