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Custody Success Stories

Modification of Child Support
The Shapiro Law Group WILL get the job done! We recently hired The Shapiro Law Group for Modification of Child Support. I had looked into and interviewed other attorneys but then I saw Ann Shapiro's video and I said, "that is exactly what out family needs". I contacted Ann and she and our family had a free consultation with her to discuss our case and how move forward. Attorney Shapiro and Kelsey Yoon were truly a Godsend. That sound like just words. but THEY ARE NOT. Bot Attorney Shapiro and Arrorny Yoon Listened, REALLY LISTENED to our case, and came up with a written motion and eventual agreement that was exactly what we needed and was equitable our family???s situation in a no-nonsense and professional manner and that is exactly what we hired them to do. I cannot adequately express our gratitude and encourage anyone in a similar situation with child custody and/or child support challenges to hire them. Attorney Shapiro knows the law and will fight for and with you! Thank you, Shapiro Law Group
From Unprofessional Attorney to Shapiro Law Firm
I had a very emotional custody/support situation with my ex-wife of 9 years. At the time I was working with another attorney who turned out to be very unprofessional. I began working with Anna Shapiro and the difference was night and day. Anna and her team were very courteous, understood the emotional situation, and handled the case with the utmost integrity and professionalism. The team at Shapiro Law Group told me upfront the expected outcomes and gave me a realistic estimate of costs. They communicated with me every step of the way and turned a horrible situation into one that was rectified quickly. I recommend Shapiro Law Group to all my friends and family when the legal need arises.
Hostile Child Custody Case
I can't thank Anna Shapiro enough for her excellent representation of my niece in a hostile child custody case. She is an exceptional lawyer and a staunch defender of her client's rights. On the Friday of the long weekend in January, my niece's ex filed for sole custody of their child and issued the summons to appear in court the following Thursday. This was unexpected and my niece had no legal representation. Needless to say, we were distraught. On Saturday morning, we began our search for an attorney. Anna Shapiro answered our call within an hour. Her words to me were "You sound like you need help." Anna graciously met with us on the Monday holiday and after speaking with her, my niece and I felt confident in having her represent us. She understood our needs, was diligent in getting the work done on time, and was a true professional in the court room. We won our case due to Anna's outstanding work! She saved my niece from the heartache of losing her child. For that we are forever grateful. I highly recommend Anna Shapiro and her staff to anyone needing legal assistance.
Fulfilling Client’s Needs Year After Year
Successfully obtained a judgment in favor of the Mother in a Custody and Child Support actions. Originally, Firm of Shapiro Law Group, PC was able to help Mother obtain full Legal and Physical Custody of her two minor children. About a year later, the Firm was able to bring in two successful actions on behalf of this Mother in Contempt and Modification of a Child Support against the Father, who refused to pay. After a successful Trial on the Modification action, a judgment issued in favor of the Mother, whereas the Court attributed income to the Father and recalculated his Child Support payments to be higher.
Expensive Litigation Avoided
Successfully represented Father in a Paternity action. The Firm of Shapiro Law Group, PC was able to help Father gain Joint Legal and Physical Custody of his twin daughters, while resolving the matter between the parties via a full Agreement for Judgment without expensive litigation costs. During this action Attorneys at the Firm were also able to successfully defend the Father from a false claim of the Mother brought forth by the Department of Children of Families.
Trial Won In Defense of Mother and Children’s Rights
Successfully obtained a judgment in the Grandparents' Rights Petition action in favor of the Mother. In this action, the Mother was fighting to protect the rights of her two minor children from the corrosive influence of the paternal grandparents (Petitioners). After a successful Trial including eight (8) Witnesses and twenty-two (22) Exhibits, the Grandparents' Petition was denied.
Custody Trial Leads To Full Physical Custody
Successfully obtained judgment in Divorce action in favor of Plaintiff. Firm represented the Mother in the action. After a successful Trial on the case, the Mother was able to obtain full physical custody of her two minor children, was able to stay in the marital home until the youngest child would be attending College, and was able to receive an equitable division of marital assets with the Father returning funds to her that were wrongfully withdrawn by him from the marital assets in the beginning of the action.
Shapiro Obtains Joint Legal Custody For Father
Successfully represented a Father in his Divorce action against the Wife –the Firm of Shapiro Law Group, PC helped the Father obtain joint legal custody of the Minor Child, as well as modify a 209A Restraining Order against him to a no-abuse Order only, with securing a 50/50 parenting plan set up for the Minor Child.

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