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Divorce Success Stories

I’d use her for EVERYTHING
Divorce & Custody battle, Tiffany was with me every step of the way. Great woman to have your side. Wish I was closer, I'd use her for EVERYTHING.
Helping You With Financial Independence
Anna is an attorney with compassion. She handled my divorce with amazing speed and competence!! I am also now financially independent!!!!
Nannie Hedgewitch
Divorce Representation Requires Thorough Expertise
Anna has been most responsive, thorough, and professional throughout my divorce case. From the beginning her advice has been more than timely, her court expertise was both time saving and easily understandable by both parties involved. I felt she did a very comprehensive job and would recommend her in this situation and others regarding legal support. She knows her stuff.
Representing You Successfully In The Hardest Times
I could not have asked for a more thorough and competent lawyer in Anna. Anna successfully helped me through two of the hardest times of my life: my divorce from my satanic x-wife and my bankruptcy. She was a pleasure to deal with, very smart, quick on her feet, and an *extremely* hard worker. I felt every day in the past year Anna was constantly fighting for me every step of the way. I was always relieved after talking with her when times got rough. I highly recommend Anna for your legal needs.
Shapiro Law: Divorce Experience and a Keen Business Sense
To say finding Anna Shapiro and her firm was the best thing that could have happened to me during my divorce is not an exaggeration. I was looking for someone who had great experience with the divorce process combined with a keen business sense so that I would be prepared no matter what was presented to me during this difficult process - my ex-husband is an attorney and I had no idea what I would come up against during this process. We had already been through mediation and I felt I was never going to get divorced due to all the delays I was running into without counsel of my own. I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to find a qualified attorney using the internet but I immediately felt at ease with Anna after my consultation and knew that she was the best fit for me. Anna was extremely well prepared, very efficient and very thorough with the entire process. Having worked in the legal field for over 20 years, I was thrilled to meet someone who was as conscientious and proactive as I. I was extremely impressed with her quick response to my many questions, emails, phone calls and she was always available throughout the entire process. She is aggressive when she needs to be and works very hard for her clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna and her firm for any legal work and look forward to working with her again should the need arise.
Highly Recommended
Anna was professional and sympathetic to all of my needs, as far as my child support case, I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Mass area, I would hire her as my permanent attorney if she were to be certified in CT.
High Standard of Excellence For Your Case
Anna Shapiro and Mary Loveless were invaluable assets during my divorce process. In fact, everyone at the Shapiro Law Group were thoughtful and immensely helpful. They were extremely supportive and kind during this most difficult time in my life! Not only did they follow through on the many details regarding the divorce process, but they continued to assist and advise me (for free) following the conclusion of the court proceedings. Their high standards and excellence in completing the law process was only matched by their humanity. I could not recommend them more highly! With deep appreciation and gratitude, Megan.
Megan Fitzharris
Compassion, Speed and Competence
Anna is an attorney with compassion. She handled my divorce with amazing speed and competence!! I am also now financially independent!!!!
A Stress Free Divorce
In 2012 Anna Shapiro was hired to navigate my divorce. For a onetime fee verses, an hourly fee, she promised to see my divorce through to the end. She delivered exceptionally well. My ex-husband tried to tie me up with negotiation, but Anna persisted and got me the divorce, in short order. Anna’s firm provided me a stress free divorce, as much as any divorce can be stress free. I have since, remained in contact with her and consider her a friend with integrity, compassion, and passion for everything she does.
Compassion And Aggressive Representation
I want to thank the Shapiro Law Group and especially Anna Shapiro for her compassion and aggressive representation she provided when settling my divorce. It was a very confusing and emotional time in my life and she really relieved a lot of anxiety. She took care of everything with diligence and kept me up to date with all the details. She was always available to answer all my questions. Great attorney! Highly recommend her.
Robert Dugan
Very Professional and Timely
Working with Anna, et al, from a small storefront office in Melrose to her professional offices in Woburn at Cummings Park, has been a pleasure. Not only has she helped with business plans, guidance and legalities for my corporate enterprises but also my personal Divorce situation. Being the objective professional that she is, both parties were satisfied with the outcome. Everything was handled in a timely and professional manner, from initial meetings to court appearance. Always responsive to calls and queries, I highly recommend Anna and group for your legal needs.
I Highly Recommend Shapiro Law Group
During the past three years, Shapiro Law Group has provided both personal and corporate legal service on my behalf. On the personal side, SGL guided me through a family matter, where Anna Shapiro presented, negotiated, and essentially crushed the opposing counsel during a divorce. On the professional side, SGL Attorneys have provided legal counsel to Evosys, a global corporation, on incorporation, and establishment to operate in the US, based in Massachusetts.As our business has grown, SGL Attorneys have counseled Evosys on immigration matters and global business practices to ensure compliance with immigration and tax laws. The SLG Immigration team, led by Vivian Crowell, processed an L1-Visa that was submitted to ICE, and approved without any request for additional information. That alone speaks to the professionalism, and deep understanding of immigration laws possessed by the SGL team. I highly recommend Shapiro Law Group for business, immigration, and family legal counsel.
Shapiro Achieves Desired Visitation Rights
Successfully removed a 258E Harassment Order previously issued and renewed against a private Defendant. In this action, the Petitioner had applied for a criminal harassment order against the Defendant, which was entered back in 2010. For the next two (2) years, despite the intervention of outside counsel, the Defendant was unable to lift the heavy chains of this 258E Order. Upon retaining the firm of Shapiro Law Group, PC, the attorneys of the Firm successfully argued against the renewal of the 258E Order, thereby allowing the Defendant the ability to have unrestricted access to her children.
Shapiro Client Obtains Right to Assets And Home
Successfully represented the Wife in a Divorce action. In this case, the Husband cheated on the Wife (Mother of four (4) children, one of whom passed away), while taking money from the marital assets for his entertainment needs. The Firm of Shapiro Law Group, PC was able to successfully resolve the matter for the Wife two (2) weeks prior to Trial, while helping the Wife retain almost all of the family assets and the family home.
Obtaining A Final Divorce Judgment Without Litigation
Successfully represented Husband and Father in his Divorce and Modification actions against the Wife. Originally, the Firm of Shapiro Law Group, PC was able to obtain a final divorce judgment for the Father without having to go through protracted litigation. This judgment included a shared legal custody, a reasonable child support amount, no alimony, equitable division of assets, as well as an inter-state parenting plan for the Minor Child prior to her starting school. In about a year, the Firm represented Father in a Modification action. The Firm was able to obtain a final judgment on the matter with an updated inter-state parenting plan, as well as to obtain a lower child support amount for the Father to pay (adjusted per new Child Support Guidelines).
Upon Retaining Shapiro Two Year Preceding Resolved
Successfully resolved a Modification action for a Mother in the Probate Court, including securing a sustainable Parenting Plan for the two minor children, while avoiding high costs of litigation on the matter. In this action, the Mother has been unable to work out any Parenting Plan for the minor children in the two (2) years preceding her representation by the Firm, despite the intervention of a Parenting Coordinator. Upon retaining the Firm of Shapiro Law Group, PC, the Firm’s attorneys were able to successfully resolve the case and come up with a Parenting Plan that acts in the best interest of the two minor children.

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